Good to know...

Before your prenatal henna session it would be good to know a few things before hand. Its hard enough being pregnant as it is and were not here to make you any more uncomfortable. Infact we want this special time for you to be relaxing and enjoyable.  

When is a good time to schedule my prenatal henna? 

I always suggest after 6 months or whenever your belly is nice and round ;)


prenatal henna

Applying henna during pregnancy has been a century old tradition practiced in many cultures. It has been considered to be a blessing and practiced for good luck and a healthy baby .  A fun new modern age twist to this practice is the well known henna belly.  We use the safest form of henna made with the simplest ingredients. Prenatal henna is made with henna powder, sugar, water and lavender essential oil, as this is the safest oil to use during pregnancy.