Photo by Lin & Jirsa

FINALLY, a Sari Rental service! 

Bridal expert, Naheed, helps set this beautiful bride's 'Matha Patti' so she is ready to enjoy her special day! 
​ Photo: (c) gregfinck


Got 9 yards of fabric and no idea what to do with it?! Have no fear! Our amazing and talented pros will come help you drape your saris, pin your dupattas/ chunnis and set your jewelry so you can enjoy your special days with out any worry!  

Coming Soon! Starting March 2023 we will be offering Sari rentals. 

It is hard enough traveling for a destination wedding. Sometimes you aren't in the wedding party and Saris can be pricy! As fun as it is to go out and buy a brand new sari for a wedding that you will probably only wear once, wouldn't it be easier to just rent one? Cue the local Sari rental place (aka US!) 

Our collection of Saris are perfect for a Sangeet, Mehndi, Welcome party, Indian ceremony, and even the reception. With tons of colors to choose from you will be happy there is more than one occasion! 

Did we mention our saris are pre-pleated and easy to wear? Yup, no need to pin up your sari in all the different places to make sure it doesn't become undone halfway through the reception. We got you. 

Our saris are not only pre-pleated and ready with clips,

they are also one size. The different slots allow for many

different size bodies to comfortably wear them. 

We plan to have an array of blouses in different colors and


We might even add bangles and costume jewelry!


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