"What an amazing experience! Afshan is a wonderful person and a very talented artist - she made the whole experience really enjoyable. She created a mandala design specifically for my belly, and was so warm and sweet the entire time she worked on it. She also did intricate designs on my hands in what felt like record time!

Her henna art is so lovely,

and she herself is such a lovely person - you cannot go wrong with having her do henna for you. Highly recommended!"

-Holly R.

"Afshan was such a delight. She is kind, talented, creative and beautiful.  We had wonderful conversation while she did my henna.

 My henna is gorgeous.

We spoke on the phone to make our appointment and I told her what I was thinking for my henna. When I met her she had sketched the most lovely and perfect design.. I told her having  her do my henna is going to be like getting a mani pedi....see you soon Afshan" 

-Fran L.

"Afshan did my bridal henna and it was absolutely beautiful! I have had henna done before and can attest that her henna skills are impeccable.

She is a true artist. She was wonderfully flexible working with my very tight schedule just before my wedding day. And hiding my husband-to-be's name within the henna design was such a cute, romantic touch! She is also the first henna artist I have come across that hand prepares her henna using only natural ingredients that are complete safe. I love her work and wholeheartedly recommend her service!" 

​-Noora K.

"Had the best night  with some of my oldest friends last night. Feel so blessed to have a foundation of friendships that will bond us for the rest of our lives. The way we can all sit around and talk like the clock's been turned back 10 years is the most beautiful and grounding feeling. It's so important to be with the families that raised you and the friends that were raised with yours. So much love in my heart this holiday season !!!!!" 

-Gigi Hadid

"I hosted a Girls Night In and hired Afshan to do henna for 5 women at my home. The artwork that she did amazed every one of us! She did the most beautiful designs,completely freehand! She even went above and beyond to include my two little girls with temporary glitter tattoos. She really did an excellent job with everything and I will definitely be hiring her for future events."

-Coco B. 

"Afshan is a true artist and has a lovely, warm personality. She did my bridal henna and stayed on to do henna for friends and family at our Mehndi party.

I couldn't have been happier with my henna

and everyone had such a good time at the party! Even at the end of the day, after many, many hours of henna painting, Afshan was consistently creating beautiful designs. I loved looking around the room and seeing everyone smiling and laughing and showing off their henna. She uses all-natural paste, which was great on my sensitive skin and provides a really rich, dark stain. Thank you, Afshan, for making my wedding weekend extra special!"

-Claire A.

"We booked Henna Me Beautiful months in advance for a wedding henna. We had her spend a couple hours with us as a family first, then had Afshan do henna for all the women in the entire group at the henna party the day before the wedding. She brings all her gear and only asks for a well-lighted space. Afshan has great energy and says she "channels" the henna based on who she's doing at that time. We all loved her and would not hesitate to hire her. There is another group that does henna, and they were trickier to speak with, and had lots of complicated rules and charges. I recommend going with Afshan, she has an elegant simplicity and kindness to her that feels as if it was captured in our henna itself.What more could we ask for?!"

-Sachi M.

"Afshan was wonderful!

She did a beautiful job on my bridal henna and then she worked for 3 hours straight to give our female guests henna designs for our wedding. She was very flexible and personable and I'm so glad she was a part of our wedding weekend."

-Kayla E.

I always knew I wanted henna on my pregnant belly and when my friends found Henna Me Beautiful to come to my baby shower I was so excited!  It was a wonderful experience.  So wonderful that I invited Afshan back for my second baby's "Sprinkle." The love and respect that went into each piece were so appreciated.  I requested a sun for my first and a lotus for my second but other than that, the artist did her thing.  If not for another baby, I'll find some reason to be pampered by Afshan again!

-Courtney R.

"What a fun experience!
Afshan did an amazing job and we will definitely be back!"

- Sara Y.

​                "I can't recommend Afshan enough.

 She is extremely talented and did the most beautiful and amazing job on my pregnant belly.  She was friendly, professional, and easy to work with/coordinate with.  Her work is definitely wedding quality and you will

be super happy with the results.  Such a wonderful, relaxing treat to have

her come to my home and celebrate the arrival of our second baby!"

-Heather W.