Hi Henna Lovers!

Another exciting step in my henna journey is that I am taking part in a henna contest! The contest has 8 rounds and it has only just begun! I have entered the first round but I need YOUR HELP to make it to round 2! Entry to the next round is based on votes on Facebook and instagram. The image below is the piece I created for the theme in round 1 which was Polynesian+Moroccan fusion. Follow the links if you would like to vote! Thank you!!! 


  1. BIG NEWS!!!!

Henna Tattoos

To vote you just need to hit the "like" button on Facebook or click the 'heart' on Instagram! 

Black henna warning

Many people have started using, what is known as, black henna to achieve a even darker or "black" stain. This henna is extremely dangerous! It contains chemicals such as PPD, which can cause painful burns or worse. Please be sure to do your research before you hire a henna artist. Ask about what they use in their recipe, do they make it themselves or do they buy it from a reputable source? Look for good reviews.

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